Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Stage Is Set

My near drowning was the earliest experience I can remember in which, what I refer to as, the duality of my inner struggle emerged. This conflict, between negative and positive internal forces, between my inner wild child—the Bad Boy—and my Spiritual Compass, is in constant flow and ebb. The Bad Boy has shown himself often. He isn’t evil, he just wants to have a good time. Live life. Live it large. My Spiritual Compass, personified by the man in the lake, has rescued me many times. The former pushes as hard and as far as possible in order to achieve maximum fun and pleasure, to get down. The latter, always seeking higher ground, fights to pull me back before I go over the edge and hurt myself.
As we shall see, the Bad Boy has given the Compass a run for its money.

Above is an excerpt from the beginning of my book "I Just Happened To Be There" which my agent is about to shop. In this blog I will share many excerpts, a series of incredible stories that reflect on and depict the sixties like nothing you have ever read before. Fasten your seatbealt.
From time to time I will also include a unique comparison to present day culture.

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