Monday, August 17, 2009

Coming Of Age, Or When Coming Is No Longer Enough

Coming Of Age, Or When Coming Is No Longer Enough


I just happened to be there. Or did I? I just happened to be born into and live through times that were no less than a scintillating, creative, imaginative renaissance, pure and simple. The Sixties were a period of exciting unrest, the result of pushing boundaries. It was all part of a social experiment; a constant state of struggle between the society we lived in and the one we were trying to create. It was the perfect era for me to come of age in, for both my Spiritual Compass and the Bad Boy. Both found a solid footing in what was taking root in this new and evolving dissident culture, so open to spiritual curiosity and chock full of all kinds of trouble you could get yourself into, and I characteristically and comfortably positioned myself on the front lines. Maybe I happened to be there, but like everything else in my life, I came with body, mind, and soul. Excerpt from my book that my agent is about to shop

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  1. John, It's David Roth from orange county ca. Hope everything is going good for you. Keep in touch.