Monday, August 10, 2009

Rant & Rave 2 Antacid To Real Acid, Purple Haze to Tums

I have been watching with great interest all of this weeks coverage of the anniversary of Woodstock, and the anniversary of the shooting of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. It seems 1969 is all the rage. This blog was going to be another excerpt from my book and the section titled "Coming Of Age, Or When Coming Is No Longer Enough," about that space in time we call the sixties, instead I was inspired to comment on all of last weeks chatter about 1969.
There has been a series of music events trying to relive the spirit of Woodstock but Woodstock was just that, a spirit, not a mere event, it cannot be relived only reborn in our hearts, minds and souls.
That special feeling we called "Woodstock Nation," is today more like A Wooden Stock Market Nation. Taking LSD today will not recreate the vibe that existed then, it would only enhance the vibe of today and that would be a nightmare. Looking at the greed and lack of compassion in the world today, I personally need more antacid. Our only hope is for us to go against the traffic and cross over to the other side, just like that famous album cover of 1969.

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  1. I have a question for you: Have you actually tried tripping today and found it to be so horrible, or are you just being hypothetical to make some kind of point about how much the world sucks these days, unlike those fantastic 1960s? As an individual who wasn't even alive in '69, and who is absolutely disgusted by much of the greed, fear, and loss of various liberties permeating our U.S. culture, I must heartily disagree with your assessment. "Psychedelic" literally means "mind-expanding." Of course one's "setting" is important when taking a trip--but I honestly feel that my own excursions have helped make me a better, more creative, sensitive person. If anything, the fact that LSD *isn't* in fashion makes it more likely to be the province of serious, responsible souls of more than one generation--as opposed to hedonistic, college-aged automatons. Not that there's anything wrong with having fun and seeing a pretty rainbow shimmer on one's bedroom ceiling!

    Short version: Don't knock it till you've tried it (again).